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Everyone talks about SEO to SEM and SEO as the silver bullet for success. If you’re new to the world of online business, this entire can you escape a little out of hand. Do not worry, here we a little short, so you know what you can bring each of these strategies and decide which one will best suit your needs.


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It is for all online activities that aim to increase traffic and conversion of your website on payment. The most important of them all corresponds to online advertising campaigns with Google Adwords. Thanks to these campaigns will get your website to appear in the top results of Google for the keywords you have chosen, in the space reserved for ads.

The results of paid traffic (SEM) are the first three in the row on the left and four on the right, however, organic traffic (SEO) is the 4th.

Create a Google Adwords campaign may seem an easy task, but if you have defined your strategy, you could be paying a higher price per click. Before any online action, you must think and define who your target audience and how it behaves, only in this way will get the best results in both SEM and SEO.

SEM has three main features: it is paid; it is fast and efficient in the short term.

Payment: As mentioned previously, is based on cost per click.

Fast: If you give with the right keywords that will get your website appears quickly in the highest position.

A short term: Unfortunately your SEM efforts will impact the duration of your budget. Campaign to stop its effects disappears almost instantly.

Eye! Quickly does not mean that an “instant miracle” will happen. Although you should see an increase in traffic in the hours following the launch of your campaign, it may take longer to get the conversions you need to increase your sales. Everything is based on testing which words work best and reallocate budget based on the results.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is for all activities to improve your website (interior and exterior), in order to increase traffic and conversions. Anything that affects these metrics fall under the heading of SEO: improving load speed of your site, good design and easy navigation, content marketing, getting links from related sites, etc.

SEO has three main features: the consumption of time, the results are slow and long.

Time consuming, because even though the first round of audit and improvements should be fairly easy, much effort is needed to start building back links and improve aspects of your website that will bring traffic you need.

Slow performance, because it takes time for Google to crawl your website, note the improvements and act accordingly. It could take up to six months to see the results of your efforts.

In the long run, because everything you do today will have long-term impact. If you improve your website, you create backlinks and generate content, Google will notice and give you a better organic rankings, even long after you finish optimize your website.

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Conclusion: Should you invest in SEM or SEO?

In both!

If you want to have the best SEO you should always have a SEO strategy running in the background. Never stop! You may want to spend more or less time on it depending on your resources, but will always be beneficial in the long term. Do not be discouraged if you do not see immediate results!

SEM should be more than a strategy, a necessity. Could be constantly running it to improve your results, but more of a specific action, which will help you improve your traffic and conversions when necessary is. Although let aside Google advertising, tools such as the “planner keywords” Adwords, you can serve a lot of help for your content marketing strategy (SEO).

Pinning your Business on the Social Bulletin

For the people looking an alternative to Facebook and Twitter, 2011 came with good news. This year presented social sites like Pinterest. Pinterest was a new concept, better than Facebook and Twitter. These two offered the features of sharing content over a limited network friends, colleagues and classmates. Accessing content outside the friend circle was difficult. It had many restrictions to prevent the flow of content outside a limited group. In the name of privacy, Facebook had laid a serious maze for content to go outside. Similarly, Twitter was too much limited on sharing photos and videos than text content. Moreover, the text or tweet you could share was only a maximum of one hundred and forty characters. Pinterest seems to change this scenario a bit.

Pinterest is another social website that allows you to feature content on the global façade. It is a virtual bulletin board where you can put up things that interest you. People can view these things and pin them in turn. This is an amazing concept, never thought before. However, Pinterest is not the only one to provide such features, although it is the first one. Many websites have come up with similar concepts to rule the socializing world of Internet. Gentlemint is another new website with similar concept but focused more towards men. We say ‘focused towards men’ is that many people think Pinterest as a women’s website. The reason behind is the content that Pinterest features is more feminine like cakes, wedding gowns, flowers, food, etc., things that women like and love to do.

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Gentlemint features with the tagline – ‘A mint of manly things’. Similarly, Chill is a video bookmarking website that allows pinning or bookmarking of videos you want to share. You can create views similar to Pinterest for public viewing. It is growing in audience fast. Today, around 7000 people follow Chad Ochocinco’s Chill collection. This is just an example. There are hundreds of profiles growing in popularity on these websites. ‘We Heart It’ is another great online application to feature interesting content. It is similar to Pinterest in many ways. It lets you set up inspiration galleries. Visualize is another important application that allows you to bookmark content similar to Pinterest style. Finally, we have Jux that features articles, photos, videos and quotes at the same time.

With the number of growing applications in this category, we end up with one question – Is your website optimized for pinning? This is a big question if you are looking forward towards strong business. You should understand that making your business pinned down could increase the traffic to your business website. This is a great method to establish your business globally. However, this new face of technology is still undercover. Most of the people do not know about such kind of services or websites. Those who are aware of this like the concept very much. It is now imperative for you to bookmark it on new social concepts like Pinterest, Gentlemint, Chill, Visualize and Jux.

5 Essential Dropbox Tools – Dropbox is a free service that lets you keep your photos, videos, docs and files safe, synced and easy to share anywhere.

How to Promote My Company | Promote Business on Internet

Designing a website in Australia and not promoting it is like printing flyers and keep them stored in our office without delivering them to customers for months discard them as being obsolete. It sounds absurd this idea is what is currently happening with the promotion of goods and services on the Internet.

There are some signs that the business community begins to gradually understand how it works business promotion on the Internet, but there is still long way to go. Unfortunately, the vast majority of companies do not yet achieve the levels of promotion and search engine optimization wish them all due to five major reasons:

  • Know what it is and how search engine optimization is achieved.
  • They think of the promotion when it is too late.
  • Still rely on inexperienced recommended practices and strategies.
  • They know how to acquire the service.
  • Not allocated sufficient resources to the project.

The advice of an SEO (search engine optimization) specialist or reading a few technical articles on the subject of SEO could help significantly to companies knew more about how to effectively promote a business on the Internet, but most people prefer to continue to experiment with their own strategies, so we are doomed to learn about SEO rather based on bad experiences applying best practices in web design.

The SEO Is a Key Factor

Today it is happening in our country a somewhat curious about the web design phenomenon. For project leaders, the main purpose of having a website is to promote your business online, that they have perfectly clear, and are aware that to achieve maximum promotion required to be in the top positions of search engines, but at Generally most eventually develop conventional web pages that do not cooperate much in promoting the business.

The reason is very simple; although project leaders responsible for designing web pages are interested in hiring a professional service, entrepreneurs and managers who make the decisions have not the slightest idea that SEO is a key factor for success in the Internet or They know the difference between a conventional website and a professional web design, so that ultimately decide based on cost only, without taking into account the scope of the various proposals.

Professional SEO services in Australia:

If you want to do things right in your Internet marketing campaign, start by learn more about search engine optimization before starting to make decisions about your project. This will avoid tomorrow significant loss of time, resources and effort. In case your website is already designed, very likely have to start over and completely redesign the site. Your company is not alone in this situation. Accept that you may not take the best decisions or maybe missed to consider other factors. The important thing in any case is to return to the right path instead of clinging to a website, which has already invested, but is not taking his company anywhere.

In case your website is already designed, very likely have to start over and completely redesign the site to search engine positioning. Spreading your website is key and should establish a promotion strategy when designing your site, it never months.

A Search Engine Optimization Service How to Hire

To obtain the desired level of positioning, it is very important that you understand what this service before it begins to request quotes.

Whether large or small, domestic or foreign companies recently opened or years of market presence, we are all trying to sell something online. By going to experiment with this new technology and integrating our business processes, there comes a time when we realize that to achieve the quantity and quality of unwanted visitors, we need our website to be localized search engine, that is, we must hire optimization service for the site appear in the top positions in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

So far so good and the usual procedure would appoint a responsible within the company to be responsible for investigating who can perform this optimization work, how it will, how long will the process take and what the estimated cost of this project.

The reality is that very few people are those who understand the search engine optimization, what it is and how it is achieved, so that problems begin to emerge from the moment that the search for a specialist starts. There are many service offerings that exist in the market for web design and very different prices, so we must be very careful in selecting the agency. Otherwise, we may end up hiring a service that will not bring the expected results.

To facilitate this process of searching for a SEO (search engine optimization) specialist, we recommend you follow these three simple steps:

Investigate What Is Search Engine Rankings

When you purchase a product or service without knowing what you are buying, one runs the risk of being deceived, it is more difficult to make a decision and one can end up gaining little or no effective solution. There are too many market positioning service offerings, many of them ineffective, so it is our responsibility to investigate to understand that SEO is a design technique, which is a complex process that takes several months to bear fruit and that, therefore, may not be a cheap service.

If you do not know the basics, it will be very difficult to understand the positioning strategy that is proposing each agency and may end up hiring a service that is not exactly what your business requires, or worse, a service based on unethical practices that rather than help you promote your business, will make your site be blocked by search engines.

Quantify the Benefits of Positioning

Most companies do not allocate sufficient resources for web design projects because they are unaware that search engine optimization is a key to a successful Internet marketing campaign factor and think that any website can take them to the desired level of promotion .

If managers and directors, who make purchase decisions, know the benefits of positioning and can be quantified in some way the fruit of an investment of this type, then it will be easier to justify all projects and obtain the necessary financial resources.

On this point, companies still think that investing a few hundred dollars can promote your company globally, positioning their brands and drive sales. As in any other advertising medium, a logical relationship between what is spent and what you get from returns on this investment must exist.

Unfortunately, many search engine optimization services offered by web design agencies in our country are not effective. Some agencies even dare to offer record rather than positioning and, being a cheap service register (it is because actually register a website on a search engine does not cost anything), the only thing that causes this is confuse the customer.

Hire a SEO Specialist

The market for web design is packed with offers that things are often unattainable promise, but a real specialist will never promise things too good to be true. If your company is willing to invest in the project, the least you can do is make sure the agency you are hiring is actually comprised of SEO specialists in Australia. A few phone calls to clients of reference and a look at the world ranking agency, suffice to prove that it is a reliable firm.

When hiring positioning services, many companies require the supplier that it is responsible for providing comprehensive information about the features and benefits of positioning, awareness among company executives, justify the project and also ensure that the results need to be met, this in change of a service contract in which payment will often depend on the results themselves.

What are unaware of the business which is much of the reason why many do not achieve their goal, is that SEO is a very complicated process and should not do more complex than it already is? Conversely, if a client makes things and is willing to do their best, is much more likely that the company achieves the desired results.

Probably the most common mistake made in the projects of internet marketing is to spend without knowing. If you spend a little time to understand the meaning of the key success factors for a project like this, you will surely get the results expected by investing in knowledge.

What is the Long Tail SEO and Examples?

The renewal of Long Tail SEO, Keywords for placing

The use of the words Long-Tail is not new; it began using some years ago, yet is now thriving. As recently competitors were reduced, categories of words to achieve the objective were easier, i.e., it was simpler to optimize for a great SEO.

It’s been years since words Long-Tail came to be a SEO property hot. However, for many it has actually been failed to remember and now as then again a resource to think about.

Now this resurgence is more powerful and then harder to enhance. Remain a solid method to leverage search traffic, especially with the expanding technical optimization of search engines as well as their formulas.

Now more than ever, the words Long-Tail perform much better than in the past. While simply achieved in the case of having a clear idea of ways to make them work for our SEO functions in connection with the business is managed.

What is a word Long-Tail?

Summarizing much the Long-Tail are less preferred key words since they have less search quantity and also much less competitors to certify. Besides better define the particular niche that represents a web page and then help searchers to submit ample information to visitors.

Google is ‘impersonating’ search fads

Progressively, Google is attempting to become the destiny of individuals for responses. As you ask a friend “what time in Madrid?” Or “How much is 20×9″ As well as anticipate a response rather than a list of sources that you can locate your answer, Google likewise is operating in that instruction.

In the end, Google is getting much more semantic or ‘human’, because although it has had the tendency to locate such ‘scrape auto’, significantly it has a closer browse ‘ways to repair a scrape on the car’.

As well as this is exactly what is triggering the revival of the Long-Tail for SEO optimization.

Remember that Google has grown up listening to each generation in kind of scanning, like us, have been establishing this ‘symbiosis with the search engine’ that increasingly makes us feel more comfy with their results.

Customer intent as the key to a better conversion is defined

Best of Long-Tail word is that you can promptly recognize individual intent. Many SEO professionals focus much more on the web page rank on top, yet that’s just the start of the game to the web site proprietor.

The best goal in most cases needs to be raised conversions: make potential Internet users to click to purchase, we ask for services, and so on. The distinction between “cough” and “home remedies for cough” is:

When an internet customer hunt for “cough”, the online search engine has little idea just what the customer has in mind. Is the hunt for a remedy to a trouble with bugs? Or is the person searching for basic information on coughing? Probably the user is exploring what triggers coughing.

When an individual look for “home remedies for cough”, we see that the customer is much clearer: He’s most likely looking to do away with cough. There is a considerably greater probability of being able to supply details that really matches exactly what is required.

With the words Long-Tail, the results are quite appropriate. These lead to a higher conversion rate which is good for SEO, we are also setting apart from the competition by exploiting our own specific niche.

Preferably, begin with an excellent material technique on which to deal with this sort of SEO, this is done thinking about the conversion price, kind of details to supply technological web link building and more, i.e. no It is a concern that leave fans, as has actually been claimed just before, rely on seasoned specialists.

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Final Conclusion

Google significantly affix value to the content and also the quality of it, of course other aspects, speed, access, to which need to be added the particular use that individuals give to the mobile.

Consistently have a harmony of all the elements of a page, traditional SEO, material and interpretation of URL according to the particular niche you are standing for and that is planned to be unique in its sector, i.e., why it sticks out from the competitors.

Tips For Writing And Maintaining A Blog, Increase Visits To Your Site

There is much talk of how to manage a blog to have traffic. The success of the blog is a combination of configuration and contents, playing with both aspects can get a large volume of visitors.

We cannot talk about the secrets we do not know, neither of which we have not tried. For this reason the guidelines you are going to give those we have experienced and know work fairly well, watch the game!

  1. Volume vs. frequency

It is said that the frequency is important and indeed it is, but what is more volume. It is like extending fishing net into the sea, if your network covers more surface be catching a lot of fish. Taking many published articles we will capture more traffic and more visitors. The frequency is not so important, it is better to write quality content, when you feel like writing and you feel inspired, that may be once a day or week. Logically if you write once a month will be very difficult you have a high volume of content and therefore your SEO will be very low.

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  1. First Goal

Get 100 visits daily. It is not easy at first, especially with a new blog. When we talk about daily visits we refer to the days when our blog can be visited, p. e.g. entertainment blog may have its concentrate public on weekends and holidays, and blog psychology can have visitors during office hours from L to V. How many articles should be published to get those views? 100 can be an adequate number; this number is difficult to say with precision and guarantees but may be a reference. Much depends on the activity, theme, content quality, SEO, etc., but you can get the idea that a blog post can bring a daily visit, you will see that some articles that put a lot of effort and commitment bring few visitors and others who write about almost by accident can bring you enough traffic. This is a way to get to know your audience, know your concerns and needs, and learn to write content in accordance with these requirements.

  1. Quality content

There is no doubt that content is king, quality is crucial, writes with enthusiasm and see that the result is good, publish obligation will only get visitors leave the site initially but if the content is mediocre generating a high bounce rate. The wrong views do not interest you.

  1. Use voice recognition mobile

Writing hands takes time, it is better to download the WordPress application for mobile (Android and IOS) and the magnificent dictated using voice recognition possessing both systems. Instead of writing you go mobile dictating the content of the article. True, sometimes confused, do not put commas or paragraphing, capitalization, acronyms, etc. but the write speed to attain be 3 or 4 times higher than that achieved with the hands. You can finish the story from a desktop to make final corrections, insert images, links and other things from the mobile are much more difficult. This article is written from mobile using speech recognition.

  1. Write at any time

In line with what was said in the previous point and thanks to the existing mobile application, you can tap any time of day when you have nothing to do to give your phone an article for your blog, while waiting for the bus, in line at the bank, in short, any downtime.

  1. Record the good ideas immediately

You will see that inspiration can come at any time. Often have good ideas but you cannot write articles at the time; however it is essential to jot down ideas to make things happen. We have a foolproof way to fix this is to write only the title in a new blog entry draft state method. The content and will fill it when you can. Thus never fail to escape a good idea. Remember when inspiration is magical and whimsical, do not let go!

  1. Follow similar blog, will serve as inspiration
  2. SEO Plugins must-haves in your WordPress blog

All in One SEO Pack and Google XML Sitemaps, the first lets you assign all the SEO settings for each page and each entry in your blog. The second will alert to Google and other search engines every time you update your blog.

  1. Images

Your blog posts should have at least one image. It must assign all text attributes. If your blog is made ​​with WordPress you have it easy: when you go to insert an image associated to an article filled three or four text fields when you upload the image from the Media section. What should you put in these text fields is the title of your blog post, that is, the article title. You can write the same degree in all areas of the image. Why is this important?

Because Google while scanning an item from your blog extracts text and treated properly but images cannot understand, need some help; know whether the content of an image represents a flower or a footballer scoring a goal, so we have to fill the text attributes associated with those images. Also do not forget that Google’s image search engine allows you to search by keyword. Many visitors can land on your article thanks to the clear text that you inserted into the images. IMPORTANT: Do not reuse the same picture on multiple items, you better get on the server the same photo multiple times and each of them can write different attributes text.

  1. Scheduled

Items is highly recommended to set the date and time of publication of each article because it is very likely that some were created for weeks or even months. If you press the Publish button on an article you’ve written a month ago will be published one month ago and look your article is older than it is. Therefore it is best to schedule the publication of the entry for two hours or a day later and thus the publication date shall be the date, so it will not feel old. It is also interesting to publish an article every day instead of five the same day and we can only achieve this by scheduling the date of publication of the articles. Another thing to consider is that surely interested in publishing the articles in certain slots which is when our users will read us more easily.

  1. ALWAYS Answers to comments that visitors do on your blog, but not like it or do not want.
  2. Do not delete contents of your blog

If you delete an item you will be eliminating the URL and it does not like anything in the search engines. What you do in these cases is to remove the item but NOT the URL that still exists but redirects to another place of your blog.

  1. Never copy content from other websites

This they end up knowing and penalize you very seriously. If you want to cite existing content make a brief quoting the source with a link to the original web.

  1. Never double up your items

That duplicating an article of 5 pages and change two little words not work, indeed, Google will notice and will penalize you. Google wants and appreciates the natural and original content.

You Might be Killing Your Blog

Blogging is important for your business if you want to maintain good web traffic to your website. It helps you to increase your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) value. Although many people consider blogging important for business, a majority of business owners and webmasters considered it an optional attribute.

With Google’s new Panda update related to fresh content, Blogging has become a necessary element of marketing business. Google stated that it gives importance to fresh and updated content. This is what blogging does. It makes your website content updated. Moreover, you get a chance to share knowledge and information with the help of blogging.

People on the Internet are hungry for correct information and so is Google. If your blog is able to provide updates information on a regular basis, get ready to experience the huge traffic that is about to flow towards your site. Your website’s popularity shall increase many folds.

Indeed blogging is a great tool. On the other side, there are thousands of bloggers wasting their time and effort on blogs. They own a blog but do not make correct use of it. If you are among them, you are killing your company‘s blog and probably its credibility too. Here are some signs that show you are not utilizing blogs effectively.

Failing to post regularly

If you do not have time to post at least one blog per week, The Blogging Essentials is not for you. Blogs need regular updates to perform. Google considers updated content on its results. If you do not update your content regularly, forget about getting a good rank on the world’s most visited search engine. Make blogging a daily habit and you will see positive results soon. You should know that the websites that stay on the top of Google updates several times a day.

Forgetting SEO

SEO is not going anywhere. It will stay forever in the world of Internet. Now, if you have thrown SEO out of the window in your blog then it is a negative sign for your company. By best SEO Company Australia, we wish to refer the important keywords and quality content in your blog. Every company that makes its presence on Google marks some important keywords for its website. It gets the site optimized for these particular keywords. You should mention these keywords in your blog posts so that Google considers them soon.

Forgetting content quality

If you do not have concern for good content in your blog, all the hard work for search engine optimization becomes a waste. Stuffing your blog with anything and everything is a foolish idea. Most bloggers commit this mistake in order to make their blog updated and full of content. Writing good and original content will create the base of your good rankings in Google.

If you have been doing these mistakes in your website blog, it is high time you stopped. Get serious and start working for a better business for your company.

Is it really that important to the content of my website?

When a customer asks, the factors that influence the positioning of a web are invariably speak of PCS

Well, the PCS is our thing, really, it’s like we abbreviate the 3 points that we consider key to getting a good natural positioning:

1.- P Programming.  A must have a quality website, a website that from minute 0, i.e. from conception is designed for positioning. A website developed to suit the needs of your company. A site with structure and perfect usability otherwise complies with web standards.

2.- C Content.  It’s not just thinking of creating search engine indexing, but the content generating quality content to provide valuable information to customers. You know that websites with over 300 pages indexed your traffic increase at an average of 236%? You know that pages with between 400-1000 pages indexed receive 600% more traffic? Do you know that 61% of users are more related to brands that offer them relevant content?

3.- S of Social Media.  Having a good presence on social networks is essential. Do you know that more than 15 million users declare find information on social networks before making a purchase? Do you know that 68% of social users read the updates? The Social Media is today the “buzz” of year’s equivalent.

Generally, these 3 basis points, which always comes out worse is 2, the content and, generating quality content  is a great effort. Also requires perseverance and dedication, spend months! Before you can start seeing results creating quality content, most of the time requires companies either outsource or to devote to a person specifically for this work. So, generally, is abandoned.

But if you stop to read what follows, it may help you change your mind and you start to rethink the need to invest in generating quality content for your website (

You know what Google is based to assign the level of relevance to a website?

First of all, tell you the level of importance that Google assigns to a web is what makes your organic positioning (the one with the website itself without any kind of campaign pay per click) is better or worse. The more important Google thinks you have your website, you will get better positioning.

Now if you know that Google is based primarily to assign relevance to a website?

  • The total increase in page views
  • In the mean duration of the visit. That is, the time it takes a user to visit your website
  • The amount of your content
  • In the originality of your content
  • At the age of your content, i.e. how often you post
  • In the social chatter that generates your content

What do you think now about the importance of the content of your website?

From White To Black Hat SEO

Google Places

Mobile and social gets heavier each day; 40% of searches have local relevance, 45% of mobile searches have social relevance, so this indicates growing.

Trends are segmentation and aim to combine e-commerce with social and local strategies.

The Places is in very visible in the SERPS and free time. It is important because it integrates with universal search and appears in different ways in the SERPS, photo, blended, etc.

Before, there were two algorithms, Local and normal in 2010. Since 2012, the team went to the local anti-spam for debugging. The place is gaining much importance as demonstrated by a study of SEO Moz, much CTR and become through calls by phone directly from the SERPS.

It is also important because if you devote yourself to hotels, travel, etc. the only way in is through local search, where we do not compete with the big boys. We must seize this.

A number of local search and mobile are exploding with smartphones and tablets. I know that Apple is going to remove Google maps and lose importance on local search has already been, and there is a beta in October and the final sale. Google will compensate him with the rise of Android, but loses information and money.

In Google Places, Google has created a huge database with Yellow Pages, etc. and created ads that are already there, and the customer does not notice. They are in the Google database.

How you claim an ad in Places?

Dig a little and Leete the guidelines before you start the process of claiming your address.

To create an account at Places you need a GMail account, and then go to Places (you can also from Maps) and click on the link to create the Places account. Put your phone number and check whether an announcement goes with that number. If there is, I rescue him and claim it. If not, add a new tab with that phone company. Moreover, start making GPO; it is required to fill in data.

Of the categories, it forces you to select at least one of those suggested in the drop, but does not validate it. With only two, that is enough, so choose the one that gives you Google and interests you. As much as you put more, not Google catches.

The important thing is fill everything and complete your profile with photos, videos, and the maximum, if you have activities, completed too.

You can include coupons (not working) and bulk uploads if you have branches or offices in different cities not recommend the same description and title to all delegations. Tip: do not use mass: do not work so well in the SERPS.

I recommend start doing AdWords Express: If you have a problem, you solve it before calling.

To verify, can no longer be done by phone. It takes the little card received through email to verify the listing. I’ll give you a thousand ideas (some murky).

You take two or three weeks the letter with the PIN that you have to check and includes……

Factors relevant in Google Places

Your website needs to have a number of things to position well such as physical address, the correct category and proximity to downtown address. Domain authority, structured appointments, city, and town in the title, number of comments natives, quality and influence of the citations, postal code on the landing, data matching in the town.

There are also adverse factors: data mismatch phone, multiple accounts with multiple phone numbers, multiple accounts with the same title, address mismatch, mismatch telephone with data from the Web, including keywords geo located, no traceable NAP Web presence of various categories …

Google Places has changed. The Venice Update has affected local results. It is harder to do SEO. It is best domains locally and dismembers the vast domains. Put While data: name, address, phone, in text format (not pictured) and more structured (we can use micro formats).

Postal Address in is use to structure data management as well as with Local Business; the Map Maker also serves to properly locate your business on the Google map.

The GEO Sitemaps gone have changed attributes geo tag specific within the sitemap.

Local links

Generate local links and citations: Yellow Pages, directories, etc. Facebook Places has been closed. Yelp is top, according to Jorge, and citations come from Yelp on Apple maps. So attention Yelp. QDQ allows a free listing in the database and they are partners of Google.

Yellow Pages work well and allow free insertion is now more visible. They need more databases in Yelp now. If your customer’s information but does not yet include in your data, so it is better to list the data correctly. If you call, you will pass before the databases and even without having made the announcement in Places.

Do not do spam: Do not spam comments because Google will detect it immediately. Google has perfectly categorized the types of activities that are likely to have feedback, so beware with fake reviews because you will quickly spot with his tools.

Google+ is great: Because negative feedback can be answered in Google+, and I can defend. Who says those problems and want to criticize? It is difficult to get a positive comment, so it has to be a bit of everything to make it look natural. Google+ is good because I can see the opinions of our network and depending on the neutrality and credibility that I attribute to that contact recommendation takes into account.

Local Google+ has changed: Google Local prioritizes local results with recommendation of our contacts, so we’ll see these results before.

Conclusion: you better start having friends.

They changed the type of rating after buying Zagat by Google that has many factors into account valuation. Jorge says that detects semantic feedback to assess positive, negative, neutral.

There are many negative comments you can get from the competition. It can be detected. All appears into everyone’s profile, where you can defend yourself or respond to their comments. “This comment has made an abuser as you can see on your profile … etc.”

If you’ve done something wrong, apologize, offer compensation and manage it because it’s better.

Business Google+

It is a section where you can search a list of company. In you can do a query to see how you are listed in all local directories, but Spain is not yet on the list.

Google Products

We can add our content to Google products. There are several options we can choose. New Business photographers which are certified by Google can come to your business, make professional photos, etc. It is not very expensive and Google has created nearly 360 cameras trained by Google themselves climbing this content to the Web. All this serves to add this content to a new service.

Google Trusted Store, Online Trust type… What is it? It is used for 20 days and more than 500 million businesses are going to implement a guideline that gives quality service delivery, after-sales, etc. It is very interesting but we should be more relevant.

There are many problems in Google Places for business. They say that SEO is dead; No SEO is still alive and kicking.